I’m often asked about the process of commissioning a custom painting, so I thought it would be helpful for those interested in purchasing one to cover those issues here. This will be a sort of mash-up of my process of taking a painting from concept to execution, FAQ, and any other pertinent information.

Let me start by stating that yes I do accept commissions for custom paintings on a limited basis. The most popular by far, is work based on a film or some overall theme related to that. These start with an e-mail from the prospective client explaining what they have in mind. We discuss any ideas they have as well as the other information covered here so I can take that and produce a sketch done to the scale of the final painting.

The sketch is e-mailed to the client for approval and barring any changes, is ready to be painted.

My method for approaching a painting varies. Sometimes I’ll begin with the background or a character, but most often I’ll cover the entire canvas to see how colors play out next to each other, and to determine their appropriate value and hue. After that I can begin the fun part of tightening things up and getting into the details.

The time required to complete a painting varies depending on size and complexity. Once it’s finished a picture is then e-mailed to the client for final approval.

At this time payment must be made in full before the painting may be shipped. Prices do not include shipping.


UPDATE: Please note new rates as of 3/12/2014

12x26inches $900.00

14x32inches $1200.00

16x38inches $1600.00

18x42inches $2000.00

20x46inches $2500.00

22x50inches $3000.00

24x54inches $3500.00

These dimensions, as seen in the examples above, present a more elongated painting. I thought for film-related paintings a composition with a more “widescreen” look might be appropriate. Other sizes are available. Rates may be subject to change.


Payment may be sent by check or money order via regular mail, or by Paypal. Prices do not include shipping.

Waiting List:

Based on the volume of commissions I accept, a wait of 6-8 months should be expected.

That being said I enjoy the process of working with people to create a painting they’re satisfied with. If you have any questions about this process or would like to commission a painting yourself, please direct all inquiries to